Many of my wedding clients ask if there is anything they need to know to help prepare for the photography on their wedding day. There are a number of guidelines that I like them to give them, not only so they know what to expect, but also so they can help make the photos look their best. I’d like to share the tips I give everyone so that you can help make your final photos look clean, polished, natural and beautiful! Following are some of my most helpful tips as a Minneapolis wedding photographer:

Minneapolis Wedding Day Photography Tips

~ Try to arrange to have natural light in the rooms where both of you will be preparing. Natural light looks great in wedding day photographs.

~ Keep the area near the windows free of trash, bags, snacks, etc. This is the area that we would prefer to take your photos during your wedding day preparation.

~ Make sure your shoes are comfortable. If not, feel free to bring along your formal shoes for your wedding photographs, but wear the comfy shoes to get around.

~ Consider a coordinator. Wedding planners, wedding coordinators, and even day-of coordinators can help take the stress out of your big day and help things run smoothly without needing your attention. So you can relax, enjoy time with friends and family, and really focus on the best things about your day. Minneapolis wedding photographers love working with coordinators too because they help keep the day on time and low-stress. No need for you to sweat or take care of last minute issues on one of the biggest days of your lives!

~ Task someone with bringing an emergency kit. Especially if you are DIY couple, you will need to make sure you have a number of items to help in case something goes wrong. Spend a bit of time on Google to find lists of the most important items to have, then make sure a bridesmaid, personal attendant or other helper can be ready in case of emergency.

~ Allow more time than you think you need to get ready. It’s better to be safe than be rushed – often somewhere along the way people get delayed. Planning extra time into your preparation will help keep things running smoothly.

~ Bides: Consider a hair/makeup trial run. While often times, things can go just fine on the first attempt, you never really know until you see yourself as you will look in real life. Also, you can pair the trial run with your engagement photos, so you are able to see what you look like in photos before the big day!

~ Brides: everyone in the bridal suite should be in their dresses before the bride. Please have all bridal details together prior to the wedding photographers arriving (i.e. wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, jewelry, wedding rings, shoes, bouquets, veil, invitations, and any special keepsakes.) We will photograph these items prior to your prep time.

~ Grooms: everyone in the groom’s suite should be in trousers and shirts for wedding photographers to start. We will capture groom’s details first (i.e. shoes, tie, cufflinks, boutonnière, etc.) Then we will photograph groom prep time.

~ It is typical to allow around two hours for all of your posed wedding photos with your Minneapolis wedding photographer.
– 60 minutes for first look / couple portraits
– 30 minutes for wedding party
– 30 minutes for family formals
Specific details and timing will be planned out prior to your big day.

~ Last but not least, eat, drink, and be married! Most of your wedding day is going to be photographed candidly, so you can relax, enjoy yourselves, and forget that your wedding photographers are even there. We’ll worry about getting the best photos of you and your guests without needing any assistance. So kick up your heels, enjoy yourselves, and leave the photography to your Minneapolis wedding photographers!

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