Carina Photographics Experience

Carina Photographics is a Minneapolis-St Paul MN wedding, engagement and portrait photography studio. Founded by Joanna Carina in 2011, we visually tell your story through a series of timeless images that speak to who you are. Our mission is to preserve your story artfully and authentically.

When you reminisce about your loved ones or your wedding day decades from now, you’ll cherish the candid moments — the playful glances you gave one another from across the room, the embraces you shared with the people you love, the echoing laughter, and the memorable moments.

With artistic, storytelling-focused photography, these small memories become the big moments you’ll share and treasure for generations. Our goal is to intentionally craft authentic images that transport you back to your relationships or wedding day each time you view them.

As fine art photographers we use artistic vision, insight, and technical skill to influence our gorgeous portraits and photographs. We mix in fun and laughter to put you at ease and help you live in-the-moment on your best day ever.

In a world flooded with photographers, how can you find the one who is a perfect fit for you? While there are some aspects that seem pretty similar between most photographers, there are several areas that Carina Photographics stands out:

SPECTACULAR PHOTOGRAPHS: When you work with Carina Photographics, the focus is you – your life, your story, your day. It’s about your love – not only the posed, perfected moments, but also the spontaneous, joyful, passionate and silly moments in-between. While a large portion of your day is captured in a documentary or photojournalistic style, there are plenty of times sprinkled in where I use my artistic vision and technical skills to compose gorgeous portraits that you and your loved ones will treasure. Leave the posing prompts, lighting and other photo worries to me - I’ll take care of it all so you are free to enjoy your big day. I love to create artful images that capture your heart.

EXCELLENT SERVICE: Beyond amazing images, I love to take care of my clients with excellent, thoughtful customer service. I am so thankful to every person I’ve had the privilege to work with. It’s such an honor to be included in some of the biggest moments of peoples’ lives. To be able to witness the love, joy and tears between my clients and their friends and loved ones is truly magical! I love to surprise and delight my clients with excellent service that goes beyond most others. I love to include thoughtful gifts, extensive photo planning, quick correspondence, time-tested advice, walk-through meetings and going above-and-beyond to help craft your best day ever. 

PERSONAL CONNECTION: Let’s be honest - you want someone who not only provides amazing images and captures every moment of your big day, you also want someone who is fun to be around and gives an awesome experience. Rest easy, there’s no prima donna here - my down-to-earth and laid-back style, along with wit and humor, often puts everyone at ease. This helps bring out natural personalities and genuine emotions. Many of my clients come back time and again for maternity, newborn, family, headshot and other photography needs. I love that we begin as clients and grow to become lifelong friends!

ARTISAN HEIRLOOMS: Your wedding photography is the first investment you make in your new family’s legacy. My former life as a designer and art director adds a unique skill in custom-designing bespoke heirlooms of your images using some of the highest-quality artisans in the world. These are art pieces you will be proud to enjoy through the years, share with family and friends, as well as pass down through generations. Having something tangible from your wedding day to hold in your hands, versus a jumble of files on a disc or a folder in a hard drive, is incomparable. These images are precious and irreplaceable, and their value only increases with time. Your custom-designed artisan heirlooms will be cherished throughout your lifetime and for generations to come.


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I can’t wait to document the personal story of your big day — from the intricate details to the most ecstatic moments; from the biggest laughs to the joyful tears. The day you’ve been dreaming of will live on through artistic, dramatic, storytelling imagery.

Contact me soon! I’d love to help celebrate your timeless love.